Vancouver Dentist


Dr. Donya Mahdavi would like to welcome you to 2th Dentistry. A clinic that places top-tier dental care at the forefront with a touch of luxury. Our team is committed to providing personalized oral health and dental cosmetics in the heart of Vancouver. Our upscale dental practice is crafted to offer you an outstanding experience, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge digital dental technology with service that is focused on hospitality and ambience.

Committed to Vancouver

Dr. Donya is more motivated than ever to bring Vancouver a dental practice that does things a little differently than most. Vancouver is our home, and our patients are our family.

Welcoming Team

Our welcoming team addresses each patient’s individual needs in a safe, comfortable, friendly environment while offering extra support and care to those with dental phobias.

Putting Patients First

We want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable and confident in us, your oral care experts, while we create you a healthy, confident smile.

About 2th Dentistry

At 2th Dentistry, our dedicated team is led by Dr. Donya Mahdavi. Our team works tirelessly to provide high-quality oral health and dental cosmetic services in a welcoming and modern environment. Dr. Mahdavi’s approach goes beyond just treating teeth; she focuses on comprehensive oral health care tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring a safe and friendly experience for all. With a commitment to treating patients like family and offering extra support to those with dental phobias, the team at 2th Dentistry prioritizes patient comfort, safety, and health above all else. 

Providing Comprehensive Dentistry in Vancouver

2th Dentistry’s goal is to provide premium, high-quality dental care that goes beyond the tooth and gums. We recognize that dental visits can be a stressful experience. That’s why we have crafted a welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere to ensure your comfort. Whether you require a routine checkup or a complex dental procedure, you can rely on 2th Dentistry to deliver top-tier service in a luxurious environment with breathtaking views of the city.

Our Mission

To provide premium, high-quality dental care in Vancouver that goes beyond the tooth and gums.

Why Choose Us

2th Dentistry offers a comfortable, safe and friendly environment where you are part of a family. We can’t wait to meet you!